Terms and Conditions

  • By purchasing and/or receiving products through Co-Op, I release Co-Op, the host, and volunteers from any and all liabilities, responsibilities, or harmful effects that may occur from consuming raw products, including raw dairy and eggs.
  • NOTICE FOR YOUR SAFETY: Shelf life is greatly reduced by letting milk temperature rise during transit. Co-Op is not responsible or liable for the food safety of your product. The coop ensures that your products are packed in ice or stored in a refrigerator/freezer but it is your responsibility to transport it home safely. I recommend you bring a cooler and ice to transport raw food home.
  • I have read and understand the annual membership fee, meat bag & cooler fees that must be paid when I place my first order. Only the membership fee will be charged annually


  • I understand that Orders are not guaranteed and the Co-Op will not know what I am receiving until coop day.
  • When placing an order, I must click “Submit Order” or my order will not be placed. I understand that Co-Op volunteers cannot manipulate or add items to my order. They can only enter the weights or quantities of items ordered.
  • I understand that the Farms must issue a refund if my order is not satisfactory. Co-Op will not issue refunds until they have received the refund from the farm. If you do not transport your food home in coolers, refunds will not be issued.
  • I understand that if I place an order after the order deadline, I will be charged an order late fee of $5.
  • I understand that all ORDERS must be PRE-PAID the Sunday BEFORE Pick-up BY:


  • a) Check that was post dated on the day the order was placed. Make check out to Co-Op.
    OR b) PayPal. I read the instructions on HOW to pay via PayPal and not incur a fee.
  • I understand that DOFC is not responsible for PayPal Fees.
  • I understand that I will be charged $5 if my pre-payment is not received by the Sunday before Co-Op.
  • I understand that I may owe more money on Co-Op day if the weights of my food weight more than the projected amount. I must pay this amount before picking up my food via PayPal or pay with check when I pick up my food.


  • I understand that an email will be sent out to notify me if the pick-up times are changing due to a late delivery from a farm.
  • I understand that the weights/quantities I will be receiving on coop day will not be entered until coop day. Before pick-up, I must review my order receipt under Order History and make sure all of my pre-payments were entered in correctly by Co-Op volunteers. If there is a discrepancy with my balance, I must send a detailed email to Co-Op @gmail.com.
  • I understand that my order must be picked up within the Pick-up times indicated on the Pick-up Times page or I will be charged a $5 late fee. (The only exception will be when coop times have changed due to a late delivery. I am still required to notify Tami if I cannot pick up during the new pick-up times. If I do not notify Tami, I will be charge the $5 late fee.)
  • I understand that the Co-Op is not responsible for food that has been forgotten and spoiled due to being left outside. If you ordered it, you will be required to pay for it even if forgotten.
  • I understand that the volunteers at the Co-Op are not responsible if I take home items from the wrong farm or order. It is my responsibility to check my order against my receipt before I leave. If I do take the wrong item home, I must return it the next day.
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